Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Hey everyone! I know I have been majorly slacking here on my blog lately; it seems BookLikes is back up and running, so I have been reviewing and blogging there.

Today's topic is about the #trypod campaign - a hashtag that invites people to promote their favorite podcasts to friends, blog readers, family, etc. I am a big fan of podcasts; sorry not sorry but British radio really doesn't do it for me and the one American station here plays the John Tesh radio show for three hours every weekday morning....yeah so I have turned my iPhone into my personal talk radio station. I listen in the car, when I am cleaning the house, or at the gym; I use iTunes podcast app to listen.

So here is a list of my favorite podcasts, in no particular order:

1. Book Riot Media Group podcasts
    There is a group of podcasts from the bookish people at Book Riot. I listened to the Book Riot podcast, All the Books!, and Get Booked. The first and last podcasts are about a hour long; the second runs about 30-40 minutes. All of them release new shows once a week. Price: $Free, the shows are supported with advertisers.

2. Stuff You Missed in History Class
    My first podcast. I have only been listening to this since the current hosts have been doing the podcast. Each episode is about 30-45 minutes long and some topics take up two episodes. You don't have to be a history buff to enjoy this podcast - this podcast has the ability to make you into a history buff! The show releases two episodes each week; if the topic is a two-part subject, I wait until the second show is aired before listening to show number one. $Free, the show is supported with advertisers.

3. Disaster Area Podcast
    A relative new kid on the podcast block. Created, researched, hosted, edited - the whole enchilada is done by Jennifer M. who has a curious fascination with disasters, natural or man-made. There are no ads, so the host has a Patreon account if you want to donate some money towards the upkeep of the podcast. My favorite episodes are the movie breaks - they are hilarious! Episodes released when Jennifer has the opportunity to get them out. Price: $Free, no ads, donations welcomed!

4. Dirt Cast/Big Time Dicks
    The newest additions to my podcast listening, both podcasts are from the team at Jezebel.com. Dirt Cast is all about celebrity news and gossip, but they end up doing some really extensive journalism on some subjects; for example, their show on Scientology is a must listen to. Big Time Dicks is all about US politics and this new administration. Episodes release once a week. Price: $Free, no ads, no donations.

5. Throwing Shade
    I was recommended this podcast by iTunes as I also listened to Stuff Mom Never Told You (a now-defunct podcast). It took me a couple of episodes to get a feel for how Bryan and Erin work and interact, and then I went into the mother of all binge listens and listen to every episode in a matter of weeks. Hilarious, insightful, really great interviews - and cute dogs. Bryan and Erin also just finished their weekly television show (same name) and will be touring soon. Episodes release once a week. $Free, some ads, donations taken at the website.

6. Smart Podcast, Trashy Books
    My favorite romance book blog in podcast form. Sarah is a great host and Sassy knows her traditional Celtic music. My favorite episodes are All the Bitches Assemble (basically when all the bloggers get together and talk about a whole bunch of stuff, some not related to romance) and when the owners of The Ripped Bodice are on. Episodes release once a week. $Free, there are ads, but you can also send donations to Patreon.

7. The Readers
    Simon from Liverpool and Thomas from D.C. are the best trans-Atlantic Odd Couple you could ever listen to. I'm not one for literary fiction, but no worries as these guys read across a wide variety of genres. Usually episodes are released once every other week. $Free, no ads, no donations taken.

Until next time, happy reading podcast listening!