Saturday, January 14, 2017

Weak Book in a Good Series

Book Review
Sarah Sunshine (Montana Romances #2.5)
Self-Published, 2013
Read in January 2017
2 stars
I think my expectations were a little too high for this novella. This is my fourth book from this author and from this series, so I knew Ms. Farmer could write some great romance. In fact, I recommend Our Little Secrets (Montana Romances #1), Seeks for Her (Montana Romances #6), and The Indomitable Eve (Montana Romances #5). I really enjoyed my time in Cold Springs, Montana in the 1880s (and really need to get Phineas' story already!). And that makes this book all the more disappointing.
The plotline: Sarah's contract with the local saloon is up and she is free to pursue her dreams of finding a stable job, a husband, and kids. She wants the last two items with Roy, a bell-hop who worked his way up to being general manager of the new hotel. Yet Paul, the saloon owner and father-figure to Sarah, often butt heads with Roy. There is also Delilah, the hotel owner and former employee and lover of Paul; and Ms. Jones, a spinster and moral crusader of the religious kind. They all work to keep Sarah from pursuing new employment and creating a new reputation in town.
I could not stand any of these characters or the circular plotline. Just dumb fights after dumb fight, then lots of crying, then more fighting, then moral crusading. There was no point to the story at all. Roy was an immature moron; Sarah had the self-esteem of a slug and the spine of a jelly fish; Ms. Jones was a complete stereotype of a Christian; Paul was a hot head and a bigot; and Delilah was the only sane one in the group. Delilah's few scenes and lines were a breath of fresh air to the stagnant smog that was the Roy and Sarah show. Honestly, Ms. Farmer did the prostitute with a heart of gold story better in The Indomitable Eve than she did here. 

Note: The cover found at the beginning of this review is from the NOOK edition. The Kindle edition of the cover is very different (and in my opinion, much more appropriate for a historical romance).

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