Sunday, January 1, 2017

Reading Goals for 2017

Happy 2017 to everyone! So this is the week that everyone gets on their blog or social media and talks about their reading goals for the new year - and I am no different, so here we are. One thing to help me be more organized and make tracking my progress easier this year is dedicated shelves on Good Reads for each challenge.

First, the personal challenges:
1. I have an affinity for books about either diseases or disasters. I think this stems from my work in the military, which was the emergency management career field. I taught CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear) Warfare Defense classes and gave a weekly newcomers' briefing on local EM hazards (mainly weather-related).  It is time to get these books off my shelf, read, and donate/keep depending on how I feel about the book. So I am calling this goal the Diseases and Disasters Challenge (DDC for short).

2. I have got to return to reading to my kids for their allotted 15-20 minutes a day. I was really good about carving out the time within their bedtime routine, and then Halloween happened (and the rest of the holidays) and many days off happened and the routine fell apart. The problem is, my son is going to be six in February and my daughter is going to be four, also in February (because I timed that so well, didn't I?). My son is at that stage where he wants to start reading out loud himself, with lots of help from Mom. He also is wanting longer books. My daughter is not close to that stage yet and just wants her brother to shut up so she can enjoy Mommy reading five to six stories to her. So I am now going to carve out two 20 minute segments in my day and read to the kids separately.

3. Bookish Traveling - I have my first ever RT Booklover's Convention in Atlanta in May and I swear I am actually going to make the time/effort to visit the British Library sometime this year.

4. Physical TBR (for short, pTBR) pile NEEDS to go down. We PCS (for those not military-affiliated, it means moving to our next base) in about 18 months and I don't want to pack up all these unread books AGAIN and bring them to our next assignment. So the NOOK and Kindle are going to see action, just not as much as last year. The DDC books and pTBR pile books have a dedicated shelf on my bookcase so there is no excuse to pull them off the shelf and read. Much like DDC, pTBR pile will be read and either donated or kept depending on how much I liked the book.

Second, the external challenges:


1. Read-a-thons! I have signed up for two, both starting this month. The first is Bout of Books cycle 18, which starts tomorrow (see widget); the second one is 24in48, a read-a-thon where you try to read for 24 hours within a full weekend (January 21st and 22nd). I am also planning on doing the Bob in May and August, and the summer edition of 24in48 in July.

2. Romance Bingo 2017. This bingo was designed by two BookLikes friends (Bookish Pursuits is their blog) and started today and runs through February 28th. Why yes, I do have books from my personal library already slotted to fit each square (two squares are to be filled by books from the library)! Since I am armed with a list already, my goal is to once again black out the bingo. My BoB cycle 18 will be filled out with books picked from the Romance Bingo reading list.
3. Good Reads Challenge. I have debated this damn number all month. Finally, I settled on 150 books for the second year in a row (even though I read 30 books over the 150 mark in 2016). If I make the goal before November 1st, I may up it to 175.
4. Library Love Challenge. I used my public libraries (two base libraries and the local British library) extensively in 2016, and that won't change in 2017. Plus, my base libraries do inter-library loans with base libraries across Europe, so anything not found on OverDrive or in the physical libraries can be requested. I chose OverDrive Junkie level, so 36+ books I read in 2017 will come from the library. First time I am doing this challenge.

5. Pop Sugar's Ultimate Reading Challenge. My friends in California talked me into doing this challenge with them (and others) and even built a group page on FB so we can keep ourselves accountable and show off what we are reading for the different prompts. I am already reading the first book for this challenge (Apprentice in Death by JD Robb for the "author with a pen name" prompt). I have about a quarter of the prompts slotted with a particular book; the rest is going to just wing it. The two prompts that are my worst nightmares: 800+ page book (focus issues with my epileptic brain) and audiobook (I have a very hard time focusing on listening to someone speak for hours on end).
That is it for my reading goals for 2017. Let's get this reading party started (quietly)! 

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  1. Sounds like you have a great year planned! I'm looking forward to seeing your posts for romance bingo!


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