Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Gaffigan Does It Again

By hour 10 of the 24in48 read-a-thon, I just couldn't get any more motivation to read another physical or electronic book, so I switched to an audiobook. I found this book on OverDrive and it fit a Pop Sugar prompt - a book about food, so win-win.

Book Review
Food: A Love Story
Random House Audio, 2014
Read in January 2017
5 stars
I have to say that Gaffigan is quickly becoming one of my favorite comedians. His delivery is spot on and his observations are keen without being snarky or mean-spirited. His work is also "clean" - no cursing or explicit material is found here, so you can listen to this with kids present.
I think this book is better than Dad is Fat (which I gave 4 stars) because it is the material is funnier, the author seems more comfortable with the subject matter, and the pacing has improved. With Dad, I had to set the speed of speech at 1.25; with Food, I kept it at the standard 1 and still listened through the entire book in one sitting. While I chuckled at the material in Dad, I laughed so hard with Food I gave myself hiccups. He is really passionate about food - as he states, he is not a "foodie" but an "eatie." There are also a lot of material dealing with his travels for his work. Of course, he had a section on Hot Pockets, which made me choke on my tea I laughed so hard.
A very pleasant and rewarding end to 24in48. I can't recommend this book enough, but I would suggest getting the audiobook over the print/electronic due to Gaffigan's delivery. 

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