Monday, September 12, 2016

Tea Review: Harriet's Tea Room, Bury St. Edmunds

My friend, a fellow military spouse, was leaving England and moving to a new duty station. Thinking of something to do for her going-away party, I asked her if she liked an afternoon tea thrown in her honor. Turns out, she has never been to a proper English afternoon tea even though she lived here for three years. Well, that settled the matter and I made plans for a group of us to go to the local Harriet's Tea Room, which for us was in Bury St. Edmunds (there are two other locations, Norwich and Cambridge).

First, the building itself is from the 1900s, so the façade is gorgeous. Inside, high vaulted ceilings and marble tables and floors give the tea room such an upscale and elegant feeling. The wait staff were warm and professional. Taking a look at the menu, you can see a variety of price points to fit individual budgets - this is a plus for any group getting together. The afternoon tea menu is no exception - they take their tea serious at Harriet's! I choose the Special Tea, priced at 19.95 GBP, which include tea of choice, tea sandwiches, scones, and sweet treats. I picked the house blend called Harriet's Special Blend. My friend chose the same tea, but asked for the decaffeinated version.

A lot of food - all delicious.
The food was delicious, but a special mentioned should be made about the macaroons. I ended up taking a box of them with me to bring home as treats for my family and so did a few of my friends. I was very happy with my choice of tea; it was rich and full-bodied, especially as I like to add milk and sugar to my black teas. I only ate one scone, as I was saving some more for dessert.

It was a successful going away and I do want to go to Harriet's more often so I can sample the other teas they offer. If you find yourself in Bury St Edmunds, give Harriet's a try - a beautiful tea room with good food and service.


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  2. That looks like a fantastic going away party! We used to have a tea cafe (nothing like your Harriet's) but it closed down after 6 months due to lack of customers :(


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