Friday, September 9, 2016

Tea Review: Cranberry Vanilla Wonderland by Celestial Seasonings

This was another new holiday tea I bought from the commissary on base. Once again, Celestial Seasonings re-designed the box covers, so the cover on the website is different than the holiday one shown on my box. I have to admit, this is one beautiful tea box cover - it definitely gives off the winter wonderland vibe and I love the woodland scene. Maybe in the future, CS can sell prints of their holiday covers to the public.

This is a herbal tea and caffeine free, so it is suitable for everyone; as always, it is a good idea to check the ingredient list just to ensure you are not consuming anything that could be harmful to you.

First Impressions: The color of the tea is a nice red, although I had hopes it would go darker (this picture was taken about 10 minutes into steeping). The scent is barely noticeable when using a cup with a lid, but noticeable and pleasant coming from a mug.

First Sip Reaction: This is a good tasting cup of tea. A little bland, but a nice vanilla finish.
Bottom of the Cup Reaction: Reminds me a great deal of cinnamon-apple tea, which I do enjoy, but where was the cranberry? I wanted some tartness or kick to complement the vanilla. The vanilla was in perfect portion and didn't make the tea overly sweet despite the absence of the cranberry. It still was a bit bland tasting.
Final Verdict: I continued to drink the tea until the box was empty because it was a nice, comforting tea but it is not something I would purposely pick up again. This tea is designed for those drinkers looking for something close to the cinnamon-apple teas without the heavy cinnamon taste or smell. I would recommend drinking this tea warm; it didn't hold up to drinking it cold taste-wise or color-wise.
If you want to try Cranberry Vanilla Wonderland for yourself, you don't have to wait until December! You can order online at Celestial Seasonings; however, please note that the US site does not recognize APO zip codes, so if you are military living overseas, try using Amazon.
Until next time, happy sipping!

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