Monday, September 5, 2016

Summer Reading Wrap Up

Happy Labor Day to all my US readers.

It was a pretty busy summer due to my participation in a number of challenges. I do credit those challenges for helping me power through my TBR pile and keep me on track for completing some personal reading goals I made back in January.

First challenge - the DoD/MWR Summer Reading Program. The kids and I did really well. I ended up winning the adult division in two categories: most minutes read and most reviews written. I won a Kindle Fire (5th generation) for the first category and a block of post-it notes for the second. So far I have been using the Kindle to read books I borrowed from OverDrive. I'm pretty happy with my success and hope to beat my record next year. The kids had fun participating in weekly activities, all centered around the theme of "Read For the Win!" - a nod to the Summer Olympics.

Second challenge - COYER (Clean Out Your E-Reader) Summer Vacation. I was a social media participant of the week during the second week. I was picked to win a prize during the last Twitter chat party. I had a lot of fun talking about books with other readers/bloggers and I got a lot of books read and off my NOOK. I am looking forward to the winter edition (starts sometime in December, with sign ups starting in November).

Third challenge - Read-a-thons. I participated in two read-a-thons (one I already covered in my mid-summer reading update called 24in48). Bout of Books happened August 22nd - 28th. I didn't really participate in the social aspects of this read-a-thon as much as I did in the spring edition. I basically focused on reading; in particular, reading the last three novels in a Regency box set (9 novels) I have been working on since January and wanted done by Labor Day weekend. I also finished a book that has been sitting on my TBR pile since what feels like forever. Four books in a week is pretty good reading; the quality of the books wasn't as pretty or good. But the box set is done and off my NOOK, so I now have more room in my NOOK's memory. Upcoming read-a-thons include the fall edition of Dewey and the winter edition of 24in48.

Fourth challenge - Summer Bingo. An online friend created a summer reading bingo and a bunch of us on BookLikes played along. It took forever for me to get that first bingo, but I ended up blacking out the entire card by September 1st. I read more YA and MG books this summer than I have since my middle school days to help fill in some squares.

Stats (June 1st to August 31st):
Non-Fiction: 20 - some major topics include: extreme weather, modern food industry, finance, celebrity memoirs, and current societal issues.

Fiction: 31 (broken down by genre classification)
     MG/YA - 6
     Romance - 15 (to be honest, I thought this number was a little low)
     Mystery - 8
    Comics/Graphic Novels - 1
    Classic literature - 1

DNF - 6

Best Books
The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine by Michael Lewis
Missoula by Jon Krakaur
Troublemaker by Leah Remini
Yes Please by Amy Poehler
Bossypants by Tina Fey
The Mercy of the Sky by Holly Bailey
Sugar, Salt, Fat by Michael Moss
Fun Home by Alison Bechdel

Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson
The Heiress Effect (Brothers Sinister #2) and The Suffragette Scandal (Brothers Sinister #4) by Courtney Milan
Side Effects by Amy Goldman Koss
Let It Shine by Alyssa Cole
Superman/Wonder Woman, Volume 1: Power Couple by Tony Daniel and Charles Soule
The Tourist Trap Mystery series by Lynn Cahoon

And that is a wrap on my summer reading experience.

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