Monday, August 1, 2016

Mid-Summer Reading Update

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It's been a while since I blogged, so I figured a mid-summer check in was over due. Our June weather here in East Anglia was a complete wash out and cold. July actually brought summer weather, complete with a heat wave and a humidity I have not experienced since I joined the military and left home. I have doubled the days out to the beach from one day last summer to two days this summer (Brighton and Skegness beaches) and a trip to an amusement park (took the kids to LEGOLAND Windsor for an overnight trip). Both months were great for reading!
June 1st was the start of the DOD/MWR Summer Reading Program; currently my kids are 134% over their goals (each kid got a 60 minute goal from the program's software and an additional 500 minutes as a personal goal) and I am 492% over my program goal (my personal goal was 1,000 minutes). We have not quite two weeks left in the program, but I think with those percentages, we can just call it a success right now. I like the weekly prizes and the overall theme better this year than last year.
COYER Challenge - Summer Vacation edition started June 18th and is going really well in helping me get my NOOK books read and archived/deleted. Part of COYER is the bingo cards, which I am failing - I definitely have a narrow range of books/genres I am interested in/read and that was made very apparent to me while filing out my cards. But I am having fun and reading a lot off my NOOK, so I am considering that more important than wining at bingo. Twenty-four books so far has been added by me to the challenge linky.
On July 23-24 I participated in the 24in48 read-a-thon. I liked the premise of the read-a-thon, especially as a mom of two young kids and as an epileptic who can't stay up 24 hours without triggering a seizure. I got 15-16 hours of reading done during this read-a-thon and looking forward to the winter edition of this challenge. As per my usual when it comes to read-a-thons, I managed to read two books start to finish. Both were contemporary romance (my old nemesis) anthologies with Christmas/winter holiday themes/settings.
July was also the month that I started watching Breaking Bad. Husband and I watched the first three seasons. We are planning on watching the rest of the seasons between now and Labor Day weekend. Husband is spending his down time this summer reading manga and fantasy genre books and playing the newest expansion pack for Fallout 4.
That brings us to the dog days of summer, otherwise known as August. I love August because it's my birthday month (and the husband's birthday month too - twice the birthday cake!). August also sees the return of Bout of Books (cycle 17) August 22-28, which I will be participating in.
Happy Reading!

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  1. Hi Melissa - The DOD/MWR Summer Reading Program sounds like such a great idea. I never thought of keeping track of reading time in minutes. It sounds like such an interesting contest for the kids and maybe for adults too.

    Congratulations on successfully completing the Read - A Thon.


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