Monday, May 16, 2016


Hi everyone! I haven't blogged in recent weeks because I have been participating in a number of book challenges and read-a-thons. So I am taking today to update my readers on what is going on in my reading and tea drinking life.

First up, the book club I was trying to build is now a no-go. We couldn't get the cooperation needed to start the club and with PSC season upon us, it would be rebuilding again when the club wasn't fully formed yet. I think the kind of problems we faced are the ones naturally found in the military life; I think this is why a lot of military spouses and dependents tend to seek out on-line book communities or start their own blog (like me, lol).

Second, the read-a-thons I participated in were Caffeinated Blog's 24 hour TBR Control, Dewey's, and most recently, Bout of Books round 16. With the first two, I only managed two books in each; with the third, I managed to read four out of the five books I had hoped complete. My problem is that I like to keep my reading balanced between fiction and non-fiction; I have found that for me, non-fiction books are not conducive to read-a-thons because they take a greater amount of time and attention than fiction.

I did have a lot of fun meeting other readers and bloggers that I now follow on Twitter and their respective blogs. I tend not to do challenges or contests; I prefer to meet people and read books over trying to win a prize. That may sound Pollyanna-ish, but the whole point of my participation in these events is to make a dent in my reading piles and have fun, not blog visits or gift certificates.

There is one more read-a-thon I will be doing this month; the National Read-a-thon is this Friday (May 20th). The base library is holding two sessions for people to drop in and read, along with the children's librarians holding a special story time sessions. This will be the kids' first participation in a read-a-thon. I also plan on participating in Bout of Books round 17 (third week of August).

I find that read-a-thons and challenges help re-motivate me to meet my reading challenges. And since I have year-long personal reading challenges in addition to the one generic challenge, I could use all the support and motivation I can get. Making connections with other bloggers also makes blogging less lonely.

Until next time,
Happy Reading!

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